Sunday, 21 October 2018

20 Years of SIVA

2017 is the 20th anniversary of the Special Interest Vehicle Association. SIVA was founded on 9 January 1998 by a group of motoring enthusiasts to celebrate the oddities of the automotive world. 20 years later all of the founding members (except one) are still members of the club.

The founding members:
  • Ian Newman
  • Mark Bird
  • Karson Pasznicki
  • Roman Pasznicki
  • Maurice Davin
  • Zig Pasznicki
  • Paul Evans
  • Stefan Pasznicki (rest in peace)
  • Paul Blank (behind the camera).

From these humble beginnings the club quickly grew as other like minded enthusiasts came aboard. From the start the range of vehicles in the club was impressive and it has only grown with time. The variety of machines led to some very 'SIVA' events, such as the 'battery day,' where the club members pooled their talents together to get non-runner bikes and cars running, and the 'drive another car day,' where members were allowed to drive each others' cars.

SIVA - The First Ten Years from TW Creative on Vimeo.

The club has always been a regular attendee at the Classic Car Show, putting on a fine display of automotive oddities.

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