Saturday, 1 October 2016

Oddscoot fans

Are you an odd scoot fan or owner in Perth? 

Can't get enough of Heinkels, Maicolettas, and Zundapp Bellas? 

When you want to ride your classic scooter - you think autobahns and roller treffen?

When you want to talk about vintage scooters, you don't mean 'northern soul' and bomber jackets but
arcane 50s engineering? 
And do you find yourself sitting alone in your shed wondering why no one 'get's it?'
We get it! 
We love Odd Scoots!  The weirder the better!
Our members own a range of unusual, classic scooters, including Heinkels, Zundapps, IWLs, Czetas, NSUs, Durkopps, Puchs, Moto Rumi and of course Vespas and Lambrettas.  We love 'em and we can't get enough. 
We know that you're out there and we'd love to hear from you.  We would love to build a community of like minded enthusiasts who can come together and talk about how the Germans over-engineer everything or why the Honda Cub is the best scooter ever made, help each other out with advice, leads and desperately sought after parts, and - when the weather is fine - take the beasts out on the road where they belong.
And we won't make you listen to northern soul - unless you really want to.
If this appeals to you, please contact Paul on

Heinkel, Zundapp, Puch, Czeta, Moto Rumi, Vespa, Lambretta, Rabbit, Mitsubishi, Honda, Bastert, Maico, Iso, Terrot, Peugeot, Bernadette, Piatti, Salsbury, Harley-Davidson, DKW, Manuhrin, NSU, Durkopp, Adler, Swallow, James, TWN, Siambretta, IWL, Jawa, MZ, Simson, Tula, Goggomobil, Achilles, Cushman

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